Our teachers rotate on a monthly basis based on our offerings

Amy Betz

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Amy Betz landed in an Integrative Restoration iRest® Yoga Nidra practice after having her second daughter.  She found that iRest helped improve her sleep and general well-being as a professional and parent.  Soon she found herself in the level I iRest training and then pursuing certification.  Amy is a Certified iRest Teacher currently offering practices to professionals, parents, or anyone wanting more satisfaction in life.

Carrie Lafferty, PT


Since 1985 and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® since 1994, is dedicated to facilitating a sense of curiosity for a graceful healing/learning process. Carrie is a Master Qi Gong Teacher certified through Ling Gui International Healing Qi Gong School. Deeply informed by her own personal study of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Core nature-based Shamanism, and Meditation, she believes healing is truly transformational and alchemical, involving change on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Carrie currently maintains a full time private practice in the Fremont neighborhood where she offers private Feldenkrais Functional Integration® sessions, weekly classes and special workshops and related events.

To make an appointment with Carrie, please call (206) 459-1773 or visit http://movementfromwithin.net/

Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D.

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Gianna Carotenuto, yogini, teacher, art historian, professor, published author and leadership coach ~ brings unique methods and skills to awaken creative power & transform lives.  Gianna lives in Seattle teaching across the West Coast, and holds unique healing events at her & her husband’s Retreat and Artist Residency Program www.hotspringsranchnevada.com

For more information visit: www.spirityogalodge.com

Lindsay Shea, CDP

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Lindsay Shea, CDP, is the director and owner of Luminary Healing Arts, a Reiki II Practitioner and Sendatsu-trained, registered yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga since 2011 as part of her personal journey to health, wellness and recovery from addiction. She has completed trauma-informed yoga training as a certified Yoga for 12-Step Recovery space-holder, has a bachelor’s in psychology and sociology, a 2-year certification in drug and alcohol counseling, and is pursuing a Masters in Addiction Studies.
Since early 2017, she has been offering a yoga group therapy program in an outpatient treatment setting to incorporate self-care through yoga, meditation and mindfulness into the recovery journeys of her clients. In her teaching, Lindsay blends mindfulness of emotions, physical sensations and breath into the physical practice of yoga, and offers restorative and yin practices with nourishing, hands-on touch supported by her custom-created, reiki-infused essential oil blends.
She incorporates trauma-informed and affirmative consent practices into her classes with the intention to create a space where all bodies, genders and humans are welcome and feel empowered in their practice.  In 2018, she founded Luminary Healing Arts to offer yoga, meditation, essential oil blends and Reiki as a creative blend of all the aspects of healing arts she loves.

Deirdre Wilcox


Deirdre has studied and worked in health and wellness for over 25 years in private practice. She brings her vast knowledge and passion for optimizing the human experience into one-on-one sessions and public classes. Deirdre does this by meeting people where they are, helping them discern what they want, creating a plan to match the goals.
Deirdre works with a diverse population whose interests and challenges range from addiction, cancer, trauma, anxiety and depression, to injury, post-op support, end of life support and everything in between. If she doesn’t feel she can be of service, she is happy to refer you to appropriate resources. 

Read more about Deirdre here
BA Psychology/Sociology 1984
LMP Licensed Massage Practitioner 1991
CAPP Certified Aston Patterning Practitioner 2001
RYT Registered Yoga Teacher 2004
RC Registered Counselor 1995-2010